The Esoteric Art of Ben Rehe


The journey is just the road, a time to reflect and record the images of our experiences, the destination as never been painted, it has never been seen by our mortal eyes nor has it ever been touched by our creative hands. Many a soul have travelled far in search of the golden dream, man has circumnavigated the world and set out on a journey to walk amongst the stars. But we are only now beginning to touch and feel the essence of our inner beings through the expansion of our consciousness.

For thousands of years man kind as recorded the moments of this evolution through art music and literature in an attempt to preserve the knowledge and the wisdom and hopefully the magic of life, but it has been through mans application and patience that we have grown so far, since our humble beginnings, in those darkened caves. When our first form of communication was painted on the walls…


Ben Reche

Copyright 2016